Private Training

One-on-one private training with InYoung (in-person or virtual*). Sessions are for 50 minutes each. Save by purchasing multiple sessions at once. You can use this package for ALL SERVICE we offer.

* InBody body composition assessment ($70) and diet/lifestyle consultation are included. 

* In-person and virtual training are the same price. 24 hour cancellation policy.

* All purchased sessions have 1 year expiration date. Package will not be refunded, but can be transfered to other service or herb remedy.  

1st Session (+ assessment)


4 Sessions


8 Sessions


12 Sessions


24 Sessions



Duet x 10 

$90 each/session

$850/ each person

InBody 770 assessment

* 60 – Second Tests

* No Empirical Estimation

* Comprehensive Outputs

Trusted by top professionals in their field, the accurate and precise InBody 770 body composition analyzer provides standard data like Percent Body Fat, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and BMR, plus a specialized Body Water Result Sheet for double the outputs. Get advanced insights from exclusive outputs like Visceral Fat Area, Whole Body Phase Angle, and Reactance

1 session

(25min + consultation)

$70 $40

(Offering until 6/30/2024)

Otimo Life Group Training Image
Otimo Life Group Training Image

Dynamic Tape®

  • Relaxes overactive muscles
  • Strenthen inhibited muscles
  • Facilitates lymphatic drainage
  • Improves circulation
  • Mobilizes fascia
  • Supports joints, ligaments and tendons
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Supports muscles in movement 24/7

Taping / section


Otimo Life Group Training Image

Korean Cosmetic Acupuncture

Face and Neck rejuvenation, Restructuring face mask and GuaSha massage and LED therapy included in 90 min session.

When a client make a commitment weekly service for 10 consecutive sessions, we offer 30% off for monthly customized herbal formula in order to emphasize the healing process.

* 24 hour cancellation required for make up a session. 

1 Session


5 Sessions


10 Sessions



(Offering until 6/30)


This is Out-of-pocket cost. We accept insurance for acupuncture treatment.

  • Herb prescription, Tuina, Sports taping, Cupping, GuaSha, and Therapeutic Exercise may not cover by your insurance benefits.
  • Patients’ using insurance are required to pay upfront. If we are in-network with your insurance provider, then we will require payment at the time of service until you meet your deductible. Once you meet your deductible, we will charge you your co-pay and bill your insurance directly. Since we don’t know how much insurance will pay on your first visit, you will be required to pay for the full amount up front and you may be reimbursed once we receive your explanation of benefits claim from your insurance provider.
  • If paying with insurance, all costs in the remaining balance will need to be paid to OtimoLife Acupuncture Sports Medicine Clinic. You must pay the remaining balance in a timely manner. 
  • We accept cash, credit card (AMEX, Mastercard, Visa, Discover), but no checks or money orders.
  • There is $50 charge for late cancellation or no show. 

1st Session

(1/2hr assessment + 1hr treatment)


(+ InBody $40 included)

Follow-up Session

$120/ visit

Acupuncture 5 Visits

$550 ($110/visit)

Acupuncture 10 Visits

$1000 ($100/visit)

Diet Acupuncture

(Not covered by insurance)

$200/ visit

(+InBody $40 included)

Cupping Therapy

(only back & nape area)

$50/ visit (<30min)

(without insurance benefit)


+ Therapeutic Massage

$200/ visit

(Need  Dr.Venegas’s Approval)


Herbal Formula




Herbal Liquid Remedy




Dry Pill Remedy



Veteranse & School Teachers

(Require your proof ID)

10% Discount

( except ASH/HMO )

Outdoor Group Training

Outdoor exercise with InYoung. (Maximum 10 participants per class.) 24 hour cancellation policy for all classes.

Outdoor Group Training Class

Saturdays 토요일


7 am (PST)

El Quito Park

12855 Paseo Presada, Saratoga, CA 95070

50 minutes

$40/day, $100/month

(4 classes, no refunds)

Outdoor Group Training Class

Saturdays 토요일


8 am (PST)

El Quito Park

12855 Paseo Presada, Saratoga, CA 95070

50 minutes

$40/day, $100/month

(4 classes, no refunds)

Outdoor Group Training Class

Sundays 일요일


8:30 am (PST)

El Quito Park

12855 Paseo Presada, Saratoga, CA 95070

50 minutes

$40/day, $100/month

(4 classes, no refunds)

Otimo Life Live InYoung Group Training Flyer

Six Specialties, One Practitioner

Otimo Life helps individuals and professionals live healthier and more productive lives by taking a scientific approach to “whole body and mind” wellness – discovering the underlying reasons for physical and mental pain, and creating fitness, nutrition, and medical plan specifically tailored to each client. Instead of visiting multiple specialists, see InYoung Venegas for all your health, fitness, and wellness needs.

Acupuncture & Rejuvenating Acupuncture

Strength & Personal Training

Nutrition & Herbal Medicine

Yoga / Yoga Trapeze

Functional Exercise

NeuroKinetic Therapy

Cosmetic Acupuncture

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